Friday, July 2, 2010


A week ago Britton was the MVP (Most Valuable Player) when he hit the game winning in the park grand slam at his softball game.  This week we are dealing with a completely different MVP - Bostik MVP (Moisture Vapor Protector). We first had to move all the "stuff" out of our house.  This is what the rooms looked like with everything cleaned out. 
Then we swept, vacummed, and mopped the entire house thoroughly.
Then on went the MVP.
And lots of it...
People often ask us when we are going to have kids.  I always answer, "Can you imagine living with a baby in our house the way it is now?"  This label on the MVP reinforced my thought ...
 It was hard enough trying to keep our curious dog away from the compound as we troweled it on the floor. 

This weekend we hope to put our wood floors down.

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Happy Fourth of July!

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ashley.graham.and.eden said...

oh my goodness, the fireplace looks amazing. this next step is just going to be incredible to see. good luck this weekend!!

Jenny Beth said...

oh... courtney...what an undertaking. best of luck, and i cant wait to see the finished product!! i know its going to be stunning

mary-kathryn said...

i can't wait to see it!

Brandon&Amanda Brown said...

Looks great! You are SOOOO right about the kids. Poor Noah and piper have been held up in a little marked off play area while we finish our house. On my days off we are out and about visiting EVERYONE so little bit doesn't have to be around all the smelly chemicals.

tracy shearin said...

That's so funny Courtney - when people ask me about having kids...I have the same answer - could you imagine having a baby in our unfinished house!?!..however we havne't gotten to the floors just yet! I tell them..I'm waiting for my master bathroom to be done!!Good luck on the house..the progress is amazing!! It's gonna be awesome when you get all finished!!