Monday, November 30, 2009

Kitchen Cabinets Installed

When I came home from catching up with my college girlfriends over Labor Day weekend in Cape Cod, Britton had installed the kitchen cabinets! Not only was I surprised by the kitchen, but he had also left flowers all over the house for me. I have the best husband!

Kitchen Update

We continue to work on the kitchen although a busy fall schedule has not allowed the fast results I would have wished for. These pictures are from October. After much painting the countertops were ready to be installed. We debated over plastic laminate, butcher block, and granite. We settled on honed absolute black granite. I love seeing the progress, even if it is slow!

Monday, November 23, 2009

New Addition to the Jones Family

Britton and I got a puppy from the shelter. She is precious and so sweet tempered. She is a lab mix and around four months old. She is busy training us to be responsible dog owners.

Isn't she cute!!

New Resolution

This October I took my professional exam for Interior Design. It is called the National Council for Interior Design Qualification. I promised my family and friends that the lack of blog posts was due to my diligent studying. I have spent a little over a month catching up with life after the test. But here it is in writing, my resolution to be a better blogger. There is no backing down now!!

PS: I will not find out if I passed or not until the week of January 2nd. October to January is a long time to keep my fingers crossed!

German Chocolate Cake

Tomorrow is Britton's Birthday. If my kitchen was in working order I would make him his favorite kind of cake... German Chocolate. I made this my grandmother's German Chocolate recipe for the Ole Miss vs. Alabama Game earlier this year to celebrate my mom's and aunts' Birthdays. My mom said MamaBill would have been proud of my cake baking.... but then again she was always proud of her grandchildren!