Monday, June 28, 2010


Below is a picture of our old laundry room/ new mudroom when we moved into the house. 
This is a picture of it in January.  You can see we had already taken the paneling off the walls and the closet door out.  It was one of those accordion doors.  We had also already replaced the window.
Britton started working on installing the new drywall last weekend.

And these are two photos I took this morning.  Drywall up, mudding started. It is beginning to take shape.

The door in the photo leads to our new laundry room
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Last Weekend of June

We had a very eventful weekend and still managed some time to work on the house.  I say the weekend started with Britton's last softball game of the season even though it was just Thursday night.  In the bottom of the final inning Britton got up to bat.  His team was down by two with the bases loaded and two outs.  Britton had a full count, and hit hit it out to right field where the right fielder missed it and it skipped back to the fence.  In the park GRAND SLAM and his team won the game!  I was so proud!
Friday my mom helped me work on our house.  She is such a hard worker.  When I told her I was done for the day and she could go home, she replied that she had a few more things she wanted to get done before she left.  I know if my mom was working on the house every weekend it would have been finished months ago.  After a day full of work, Britton and I met my friend Laura in Taylor for a George McConnel and The Nonchalants concert in the lawn of the Plein Air Neighborhood.
Laura stayed with us on Friday night.  Saturday morning Laura and I went back out to Taylor to visit the Taylor Farmers Market.  We also looked around the Antique store there where I found a great painting of what I see out my car window this time of year driving in, not cotton, but hay bales.  I loved this painting and quickly snapped a photo in hopes to find more works by the same artist.

After the Farmers Market, Laura pitched it with some painting and moving at our house before she headed back home.  We posed for a picture in the backyard.
The self timer on the camera worked pretty well, and what you don't see is Angie and her friend Digory trying to figure out what we were doing running to a spot and standing still.  See their curiosity below.
Sunday we went to "Tula Homecoming."  Tula is the community where my grandfather farmed and my mom and her three sisters grew up.  We enjoyed the worship service at the Tula Baptist Church before feasting on a down home meal.  The special music at church was two older gentlemen picking the guitar and singing bluegrass hymns.  The music ended with I'll Fly Away and the whole congregation joined in.

After a drive out to the farm, we came back home just in time for my brother Brent and his girlfriend to arrive for a visit.  We made our way to the square where we enjoyed the AC at Square Books and at some frozen yogert at Ya Ya's (my second visit to Ya Ya's in two days).
We also made Kirsten take the typical tourist picture with William Faulkner on the Square.

And we finally ended the night with a picnic in the Grove at Ole Miss listening to the Germantown Symphony.  It was a wonderful summer night; the threat of rain past not without leaving a beautiful rainbow. By the last song, most commonly known to my generation at the "Beef...It's what's for dinner" tune, the crickets seemed to be competing with the musicians for our applause. 
What a wonderful weekend.... Can we do it all again?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Laundry Room

Besides the obvious washer and dryer what does a laundry room need?  Water in and water out.  Last week we had pipes installed for a drain, hot water and cold water hook up for our new laundry room (old storage room). 

Britton then filled the hole he had jack hammer only a few weeks ago with new concrete.    We are a few steps closer to one of these....
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An Open Door

Britton recently started his own construction company.  The name of his company is Winters Construction.  I am so proud of him!

Farmers' Market

First Stop Saturday morning was the local farmers' market.  I LOVE the farmers' market.  Many other people in our town LOVE the farmers market;  this is quite evident at 7:15am Saturday morning when you cannot find a place to park!
I came home with Zinnias, Milk, Peaches, and Blueberries.  The milk is from the Brown Family Dairy down the street from our house.  It is so good.  Last year I even called my mom to tell her about the non-homogenized milk where the cream rests on the top of the milk.  She told me that is how she had milk growing up not far from where the Brown Family Dairy is now located.  It seems word of this local dairy made it to the The New York Times where you can read about the Brown Family Dairy. 

With all this fresh fruit, I'm planning on making a berry peach cobbler tonight for dessert.  It was on the cover of Cooking Light last summer when I didn't have a kitchen.  A year later I'm going to finally try it out.
If our back porch was complete, that is where I would want to eat this cobbler, but since it is still a work in progress, check out these inviting alfresco dining spaces.
Country Style
Elle Decor
Martha Stewart

P.S.  Happy Father's Day, Dad!  You are the best!  

Happy First Day of Work, Ashley!  Can't wait to visit you in Nashville!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Eat your Vegetables!

This is what our raised bed garden looked like a couple of months ago.  Last year Britton and I had one raised bed garden.  This year we were ambitious and added a second.  We used our compost to fill half of the new garden and our neighbor let us get dirt from his farm. 
And now...

I'm still waiting on my first red tomato.
And now in my kitchen...
Squash, Banana Peppers, Green Tomatoes, & Red Cherry Tomatoes

Our garden is producing so much more this year than last year.  What's the secret?

Monday, June 14, 2010

A Tale of Four Littles

My sister-in-law Whitney just started blogging.  She blogged about her recent trip to visit us!

Whitney and Boston are always doing something exciting!
A Tale of Four Littles

Beach Trip in Pictures

Grayton Beach, Florida (View from beach chair)