Monday, March 29, 2010

Floating Shelves

The shelves have been complete for a few weeks, but today I decided to go ahead and photograph them. I've been trying to find the perfect framed artwork for the top shelves, but I pulled some prints I had framed out of storage and put them on the top shelves.  (It is not like those prints are going to be hanging on a wall anytime soon anyway.)  I really wanted floating shelves and was pretty determined that we could build them. 

The trick was the blocking we installed a long time ago before the walls were finished.  After a long morning at home depot we found the brackets. 

Britton built a hollow box and then slid the box on the bracket...ta da!


Workman said...

They look great

mary-kathryn said...

y'all are so handy!! i love the way those look.

paula said...

oh my, they look fabulous. Love your tile.