Monday, March 22, 2010

Estate of Things

About a month ago Britton and I went to an estate sale in downtown Memphis.  I've always wanted to see what an estate sale was like, but this estate sale was probably a little different than most.  There was an article on the front of one of the sections of the Sunday Commercial Appeal that weekend telling a story of an Italian family who bought a "mansion" in Memphis right after the Civil war.  It was the family's home for over 100 years until the last sister past away this last year.  The article intrigued my Mom and Aunt who talked us into going to the estate sale after lunch that Sunday.  Several hundred other Commercial Appeal readers were also intrigued as the line wrapped around the entrance and down the street.
 The house in its earlier days.

I was more interested by the house than the items in the sale.
The decorative radiators
The inlay design in the floors

Pink Pantry with Pipes
I snapped a few pictures of the items we saw.
 A Collection of Hats
Doll Collection
 This lamp was Huge.  I wish I had photographed it with something to scale it to.
 Mouse Traps

Trash or Treasures?  The beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  If only the walls could talk.  I'm sure they would have alot of good stories to tell.

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paula said...

how I would love to renovate that home, gorgeous details.