Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Screen Porch

We took the day off of work on Monday to work on our screen porch.  It is about to be perfect weather for sitting out on the screen porch and enjoying the weather.  We had to cut the screen on the porch to remove the refrigerator from the house, and Angie had created two other holes in the screen. 
Removing the old screen.
Enlarging and moving the door opening.  The door was a single door and we made it a double door.
Staining the screen doors.
Proof that I do more than just take pictures!

Angie can't resist posing for a photo.


Liz said...

Courtney I love seeing all the home improvement projects..the screen porch looks great and I LOVE the hard wood floors! Hall and I want to stop by and see yall's cute little house one day soon!

Boston & Whitney Little said...

Looks great!!! I think Angie likes it too:)